How it works

To keep you informed about the progress of your online class, test, or proctored exam, we find WhatsApp to be the most effective communication tool. Recognizing that you may not always be online, WhatsApp ensures easy accessibility. You can download the app here: Employing automation tools, we streamline communication, respond promptly, and maintain records to enhance our service to you.

Concerns about providing log-in credentials:

We respect your desire to keep your personal data confidential. Assuring you that your information is secure, we understand if you are hesitant to share log-in credentials. Alternatively, you can send photos on WhatsApp to receive real-time answers.

Order placement in three simple steps:

  1. Engage with support and agree on the price.
  2. Receive a payment link from support.
  3. Your exam will be processed, and updates will be provided via WhatsApp.
Procedure for proctored exams/quizzes/tests:

At takemyteasexam, our software ensures a seamless and secure experience during TEAS exams. Recognizing the importance of maintaining testing integrity, we adhere to guidelines and regulations set by testing centers.

Upon payment, you'll receive a download link for our undetectable software. It operates stealthily, avoiding detection by proctoring software. This software allows remote screen viewing during exams, enabling us to monitor without interfering with content or responses. It prioritizes security, avoiding features that could raise cheating concerns.

Our commitment to user security includes the absence of remote desktop or screen sharing functionalities. We've taken precautions to align our software with stringent standards preventing fraudulent behavior.

For further inquiries, contact our support team on WhatsApp or email

We are dedicated to providing a reliable and trustworthy solution for your TEAS exams.